# 4: A great place for sports

The picture shows a swimmer swimming in the pool at Sportzentrum of Kiel University. Photo & Copyright: Horst Brix / Uni Kiel Kiel may not be the largest city in Northern Europe, but it features two of the most foremost sporting events available in Germany. For one, it is home to the German Handball Champion team THW Kiel. A handball game is a must-see for foreign students - enjoy the local flavour and mayhem of one of Germany's roughest team sports. 

For the less violent among you, Kiel is also host to the largest sailing contest in the world, the Kiel Week. During July, the area near the fjord turns into a large party. Join in on the festivities!

For those of you who want to get into the waters: Kiel is great for all kinds of water related sports. Lots of surfing, sailing, under-water rugby, water polo and the likes are available.