Seven good reasons to study Political Science in Kiel ...

# 1: Wide variety of courses in Political Science

The picture shows a brain. Photo & Copyright: Uni Kiel / Anatomisches Institut The Political Science department in Kiel offers a great number of courses on all aspects of the field. Try us! Security Policy and International Relations? Check. Globalization and Diffusion of Social Phenomena? Doublecheck. Political Theory and Religion in Politics? Triple-check. Qualitative and quantitative research methods? Quadruple-check.

Summed up - there is a wide variety of courses and subjects you can choose from.

# 2: Cooperation with thinks tanks

The picture shows a chart. Photo & Copyright: Jürgen Haacks / Uni Kiel Political Science in Kiel has close affiliations with two of Germany's most reknown think tanks.

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) is one of Germany's foremost research institutions and policy advisor in economics. Being an exchange student at the CAU, you can attend courses given by IfW researchers and get a taste of the latest insight on global economic affairs, economic policy consulting, and economic education.

The Institute for Security Policy (ISPK) features policy-relevant research on security issues and international relations. Students can attend seminars taught by ISPK researchers and participate in excursion to Brussels and Berlin to meet political leaders and decisionmakers.

# 3: Large library resources

The picture shows a student learning at the library of Kiel University. Photo & Copyright: Jürgen Haacks / Uni Kiel Feeling a bit bookish? You have come to the right place. 

Kiel University features not only a substantial Political Science Library and a well-stocked Central Library - we also have the world's largest economics library ZBW situated neatly near the Fjord. 

Study with a view and ace your papers like nowhere else!

# 4: A great place for sports

The picture shows a swimmer swimming in the pool at Sportzentrum of Kiel University. Photo & Copyright: Horst Brix / Uni Kiel Kiel may not be the largest city in Northern Europe, but it features two of the most foremost sporting events available in Germany. For one, it is home to the German Handball Champion team THW Kiel. A handball game is a must-see for foreign students - enjoy the local flavour and mayhem of one of Germany's roughest team sports. 

For the less violent among you, Kiel is also host to the largest sailing contest in the world, the Kiel Week. During July, the area near the fjord turns into a large party. Join in on the festivities!

For those of you who want to get into the waters: Kiel is great for all kinds of water related sports. Lots of surfing, sailing, under-water rugby, water polo and the likes are available.

# 5: Warm summers and mild winters

The picture shows students having a meal during a short break in front of a lighthouse. Copyright: Uni Kiel Too hot to move in the summer, too cold to leave the house in the winter? Not here. 

Kiel has a very mild maritime climate, which means that during summer you get temperates around 22 - 28 ° Celsius plus and mild winters (around the freezing point in January).

You can enjoy your summer leisure and battle out your snowball fights in the winter.

# 6: Culture - Movies, Music and more

The picture shows a group of stufents walking at the Kiellinie in Kiel. Photo & Copyright: Oliver Franke / Uni Kiel Kiel is the capital of Germany's most northern state, Schleswig-Holstein. As you might remember from your history classes, artists flock to the capital.

Kiel is thus home to a vibrant independent music scene and variety of clubs, bars and local-hangouts. Whether you like a quiet walk in the park or along the fjord or rave like an animal to House Music or sample the gazillion beers on tap, Kiel has it all.

# 7: Cheap living and Housing

The picture shows a traffic sign which shows Ever blown your entire budget for a week in a single day in London? Or rented a cardboard box for outrageous to downright extortionary prices in Munich?

This is not going to happen in Kiel. Even though the city is not Tumbleweedtown, Germany, the prices for food, beverages and housing have remained comparatively reasonable. In Kiel, you get all the bang for your buck.