Getting started in Kiel ...

Students at the Sportzentrum of Kiel University
Photo & Copyright: Horst Brix / Uni Kiel

Ahoi to Kiel! Now that you have arrived in Kiel, of course you are looking for the city's hot-spots.

Getting started in a maritime City bristling with energy, tourists, international sailors and a quite large university of more than 20 000 students all year round might be almost overwhelming. What to do, where to go - and in what order?

Find here: A list of things to do and places to bin Kiel. Take your time, browse and pick your favourites!

Tourism and Sights

With visitors from Scandinavia, Germany, Europe and basically all over the world, Kiel has a well-established tourism and foreign visitor infrastructure you might want to check out. Sailing, shopping, rowing, guided tours, museums, hiking and cycling - its all there.  Find more information online here. 

Kiel University - Activities, organisations and places

As an international student, you will spend a large amount of your time on campus. Even though Kiel offers a wide range of social activities and sights to visit in the city, there are a lot of activities conveniently available a few metres away. Thus, for a lot of possible things to do, you don't have to spend any time getting there. Convenient, isn't it?

University Sport at Kiel University

Lifting weights, running track, swimming in the pool or sailing on the University's own sailing boats (yes, we have those!) ? There is more on offer than you can possibly fit into your free time - and all for bargain prices.

Check out the many courses and teams available online here.

Graduate Center at Kiel University

Already have a degree and trying to really dig into research in Kiel? Our own graduate center has tons of qualifications for you on offer.

Check out the graduate center here.

Career Center: orientation & career planning

Germany is too good to leave and you plan to make a living here? We support your decision and Kiel University's Career Center is here to help you out.

Check out the career center here.


Need a place to study, sleep and hang your coats? Kiel University offers top-notch dormitories for international students conveniently located on campus or near the the campus.

Check out the dormitories here.

Studentenwerk - Kiel University's Student Welfare Organisation

They run the canteens, offer social services for domestic and international students and are your first stop for counseling and meeting people. The Studentenwerk makes Kiel University run like clockwork.

Check out the Studentenwerk online here.

Student’s Union, Group for International Students (AstA)

Want to organize things and be politically active? Kiel University's Student's Union is decidedly international and welcomes your contribution.

Check them out online here.