Enrolment and admission

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You are a student of one of our European Partner Universities and you would like to study at Kiel University as an ERASMUS exchange student for one or two semesters? We are looking forward to your application and hope to welcome you soon! 

The deadline for the summer semester is 15th January .

Read more about the admission and enrolment process in Kiel.

Should you have any questions, contact either 

Franca Bülow (Department of Political Science) 

and / or 

Susan Brode (International Center).

You have decided to study at Kiel University (good choice!), set up everything at your home university, travelled to Kiel and ready to start your semester or year here? You are almost in the clear. However, during your first few weeks in Kiel, you need to make some important decisions about your study load and curriculum. After that, you are set and can enjoy your stay.

Things you need to do during your first weeks at the CAU:

  1. Visit your Departmental Coordinator (see Learning Agreement)
  2. Try to hear as many courses as possible in the first two weeks
  3. Talk with your home university, if you want credits for this (newly added) course
  4. Talk to lecturer, if you can partake in his/her course
  5. Change Learning Agreement („during the mobility“)
  6. Signature from your Departmental Coordinator in Kiel
  7. Upload changed LA on Online Plattform
  8. Ask your home university, if they need to have your changed LA


Enrolment & Studies at the CAU:

  1. You will be asked via your stu mail account to pay the fee for the next semester (online money transfer) approx. end of December
  2. Check your Time table for exam period (also available in English)
  3. Contact your Examination Offices (arranged according to subject area)