Economics/Politics and its Didactics


The sub-discipline of Economics/Politics and its Didactics focuses on the education of future secondary school teachers in the subject of Economics/Politics, which had been introduced as a teaching subject in Schleswig-Holstein in the 1970s. Referring to Political as well as to Economic Science, the field of didactics considers itself as an interdisciplinary science establishing a connection between teaching and learning in political and economic education.

The education of future teachers combines the analysis of commonplace learning processes, scientific forms of knowledge in the Social Sciences, and reflexive perspectives of conveying teaching contents. It therefore combines the reflexive consideration of theories and models from the Social Sciences with practical studies in a school. In addition, a main focus is the analysis, planning, implementation, and reflection of educationally relevant topics of Political Science/Economic Science. 

Research primarily focuses on the requirements, processes and impacts of political and economic teaching and learning. Emphasis is given to the analysis of political awareness in the context of processes of teaching and learning, as well as to the diagnosis, development, and support of pupils' political and economic judgment capacity. 

Further research focuses on teaching and learning in central issues of political and economic education, migration as a factor in political and economic education, diagnosis as a remit of the description of political and economic teaching and learning processes, and the development and implementation of educational material in political and economic education.