Article about Anne Metten's field trip

Nov 21, 2019

An article about Anne Metten's visit to the Caterpillar company in the last semester as part of the seminar 'The Globalisation of Work‘ can be found in the magazine of the IHK-Schleswig-Holstein. One week later they also visited the IG Metall Kiel-Neumünster and had talks with the experts there. Click here to go to the issue of the magazine.

Teilnehmende der Exkursion

New publications in Climate Risk Management and Environmental Research Letters

Aug 08, 2019

Franca Bülow's articles, with Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry, Stephen Flood, Paula Blackett und Anita Wreford have now been published:

  • Adaptation knowledge for New Zealand's primary industries: Known, not known and needed, in: Climate Risk Management.
  • Towards a heuristic for assessing adaptation knowledge: impacts, implications, decisions and actions, in: Environmental Research Letters.

NYU-CAU Exchange: At the heart of Schleswig-Holstein's regional politics

Jul 10, 2019

The participants in the NYU-CAU exchange - together with Esther Ademmer, Wilhelm Knelangen, Michael Bayerlein and Anne Metten - had the opportunity on July 9 to visit the central locations where Schleswig-Holstein's regional politics take place. First, Lasse Petersdotter, member of the schleswig-holstein parliament for the German Green Party 'Bündnis 90/Die Grünen', has welcomed the group in the Landtag (regional Parliament) and guided them through the plenary hall and other premises. The speaker for, among other topics, finance, education and strategies against right-wing extremism was an exciting conversation partner for the students and has taken a lot of time for their questions. The students were particularly interested in questions of migration, the new right-wing parties in Germany, climate change and his work as a member of parliament.


Subsequently, Friedhelm Boyken, Ministerial official in the State Chancellery, received the group in the guest house of the state government. After introductory words, with which he among other things emphasized the importance of international meetings such as the NYU-CAU exchange, there was room for an interchange about his work in the State Chancellery, but also about the work of Minister President of Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Günther, who unfortunately could not attend this appointment. Particularly interesting for the students were remarks by Friedhelm Boykens on the role of a Minister President in the federal system and the room for maneuver of the state government in the field of migration policy.


From theory to practice: Excursions to Caterpillar and IG Metall

Jul 09, 2019

As part of the seminar ‚The Globalization of Work' led by Anne Metten, students made excursions to Caterpillar in Friedrichsort and IG Metall Kiel-Neumünster. At the center of the seminar were processes and changes in the world of work, which can be ascribed to globalization in the broadest sense. Such as flexibilization, precarization, digitalization and automation, migration, wage differentiation and value chains. Through the excursions, students were given the opportunity to transfer the topics of the seminar to practice and to discuss with experts who are faced with globalization-specific challenges and opportunities in their immediate work reality.
After an exciting tour through the engine casting facility by colleagues of the works council and trainees, the seminar group was able to adress their questions to Ralf Böhm, the second chairman of the works council of Caterpillar Castings GmbH. All in all, in his work and in the Friedrichsort plant, he sees globalization as an opportunity, but points out that it must be socially flanked. Also present was Robert Peter, youth secretary of the IG Metall Kiel-Neumünster, who embedded these connections in the tariff and operational work of the union as well and the seminar group could meet him again during the second excursion.
At this second external meeting, after a guided tour through the union building in Kiel, the students were able to discuss issues of globalization at an supra-company level with Robert Peter and the first chairwoman if the IG Metall Kiel-Neumünster, Stephanie Schmoliner. Both gave interesting insights into their work and telling answers to the questions asked. It was particularly impressive to learn how workers and thus also the trade union representing them negotiate certain globalization-specific developments in their working world. The basically more theoretical approach to the topics in the seminar could be wonderfully complemented by practical insights and thus made these tangible in a way.

NYU-CAU Exchange: Berlin Field Trip

Jul 08, 2019

Together with Anne Metten and Michael Bayerlein, the students from the Kiel and the New York University went on a field trip to Berlin from 4th to 7th of July under the topic of 'European Migration Policy'. The exchange between the NYU based Center for European and Mediterranean Studies and the chair of comparative politics at Kiel University takes place the first time this year.

Group picture

During the field trip the students explored Germany's past by visiting the former Stasi-Prison Hohenschönhausen and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The students also participated in a meeting at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community at which they met with principal Dr. Michael Vogel, and talked about German migration policy as well as the inner workings of the ministry.


Lecture series on asylum and migration

Jul 08, 2019

Join us for three lectures on migration on July 8, July 15 and July 17. Please find more details on the talks and the venue here.

New publication in "Politische Vierteljahresschrift"

Jul 08, 2019

Christian Martin’s article „Electoral Participation and Right Wing Authoritarian Success – Evidence from the 2017 Federal Elections in Germany” is now published in Politische Vierteljahresschrift (Volume 60, Issue 2, pp 245–271). Link

MEDAM Policy Brief

Jul 08, 2019

The new MEDAM Policy Brief „Comforting immigration critics? Public opinion toward development aid as a tool to reduce refugee inflows to Germany” by Esther Ademmer, Jens Eger, David Hudson, Sebastian Schneider, Tobias Stöhr and Jennifer van Heerde-Hudson is now available online. Link

New publication in Governance

Jul 08, 2019

The article “Varieties of Limited Access Orders: The nexus between politics and economics in hybrid regimes” by Esther Ademmer, Julia Langbein and Tanja Börzel has been published ahead of print online and open access. Link

Speakers at the EYP teacher seminar

Nov 05, 2018

As part of the national selection meeting of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) in Kiel at the end of May, Michael Bayerlein and Anne Metten contributed to a European policy seminar addressed to the accompanying teachers. While students from all over Germany developed their own ideas on current European topics in groups and then debated these in plenary, their teachers took part in this seminar focusing on "Justice and Fundamental Rights" and "Democratic Change", which was organized by Representation of the European Commission in Germany.

Asked whether the rise of populism, which can be identified in many European countries, poses a threat to democracy, the staff of the Chair of Comparative Politics have given the teachers insights into current research, discussed populist policies and developments, and have subsequently scientifically classified them.


New publication in European Union Politics

Nov 05, 2018

The article "Much ado about nothing? The (non-) politicisation of the European Union in social media debates on migration" by Esther Ademmer, Anna Leupold and Tobias Stöhr has been published online in European Union Politics. Link

Lecture series: Globalization, regional integration and their critics

Jul 02, 2019

short information series lectures: Globalization, regional integration and their critics

New MEDAM report on asylum and migration in Europe

Jun 04, 2018

Esther Ademmer's article, together with Tobias Stöhr, “The impact of security-related events on attitudes towards migration” is published in MEDAM Assessment Report on Asylum and Migration Policies in Europe. Link

Feature on the Journal of European Public Policy's article at JEPP Online

Apr 30, 2018

Feature on Esther Ademmer's article in the Journal of European Public Policy on the official Blog of the journal. Link

Blog entry at LSE US Centre’s blog about the new publication in State Politics and Policy Quarterly

Apr 23, 2018

Blog entry of Caroline Beer (co-author of Victor Cruz) about their new publication at LSE US Centre’s daily blog on American Politics and Policy. Link

New publication in State Politics and Policy Quarterly

Apr 20, 2018

Victor Cruz’s article has been accepted for publication by State Politics and Policy Quarterly (co-authored with Caroline Beer). The paper uses a mixed method and mixed level approach, combining comparative case studies of national and subnational gay rights policy with an ordered probit analysis of the same-sex relationship laws across the states of Mexico and the United States.  A pre-publication version can be found here.

New publication in the Journal of European Public Policy

Apr 20, 2018

Esther Ademmer’s article “Capitalist Diversity and Compliance: Economic Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe after EU Accession” has just been published in Volume 25, issue 5 of the Journal of European Public Policy. Link