The Dialectic of Globalization

In the context of this research project, Christian Martin is interested in the backlashes against free trade, migration, and open societies more generally. The project has a number of components, among them a number of articles that deal with, inter alia, a) the demise of social democracy as a viable political competitor in most European countries (co-authored with Mona Krewel), b) the Rise of the AfD in the 2017 German federal elections as a result of their mobilization efforts, and c) the degree to which globalization is influenced by trade union strength (co-authored with Anne Metten).

In a book that is currently under preparation, Christian Martin more generally identifies four key developments that have given rise to the resurgence of nationalism and the rejection of globalization. These are a) a narrowing down of the policy space on an economic dimension and a resulting increased importance of the societal and cultural dimension of politics, b) a “there-is-no-alternative” rhetoric that began with the market oriented reforms of the early 1980s and culminated during the 2008ff. world financial economic and sovereign debt crisis, c) an increase in inequality in practically all advanced western democracies, d) the pervasiveness of cultural change and the ensuing prominence of identity topics in political competition. For further information, contact Christian Martin.