Comparative Politics, Interdependence and Globalization

Welcome to the Chair of Comparative Politics and the Research Group 'Comparative Politics, Interdependence and Globalization' (CPIG)!

At CPIG we deal with a common question in political science, namely „who gets what, when and how“(Harold Lasswell). The political science subdiscipline of Comparative Politics addresses these questions by comparing different jurisdictions, such as nation states, for instance. Against the background of globalization and regional integration, our research especially focuses on the question of why, under which conditions and how policies and polities diffuse from some nation states or regions to others. We employ a variety of theories and use quantitative, as well as qualitative methods to address these questions. You can find more information on our research, teaching, and the team on this website.

Professor Martin has reduced his professorship to 50 percent from April 2018 to March 2020, while he is a guest professor at New York University. Dr. Torben Lütjen acts as interim professor during this period.