Student Counselling Service (Zentrale Studienberatung) and Student Councils (Fachschaften)


Student counseling may be received by all research fellows and professors within the respective office hours.

What is Political Science?

Political Science is a young discipline with a long history. As early as in the ancient world, philosophers like Plato and Aristotle thought about the requirements for a good political order. Nowadays, Political Science is a modern Social Science that systematically deals with contents, structures and processes of politics at different levels – ranging from the municipality to the nation state to the international system. Political Scientists are analysts of the political sphere and ideally convey the Political into society.

Fields of profession

Graduates in Political Science are increasingly in demand on the job market. Political Science studies provide for a rather generalist education and qualify for a broad range of professions. For this reason, students are asked to orientate themselves (extending) beyond their studies and to broaden their skills by stays abroad, internships and social commitment. Graduates in Political Science are above all employed in the fields of Politics and Administration, Economics, Media, in regionally, nationally and internationally active/oriented government and non-government Organizations, as well as within the scope of science.

What is Economics/Politics?

The program of study for prospective teachers in Economics/Politics consists of political, economic and subject-didactic parts. Political and economic questions and problems are constantly intertwined and are systematically reviewed within the course of study. Students are enabled to work out the core of the two disciplines reconstructing it in a subject-didactic manner as teachers of the school subject Economics/Politics.