2-Subject-Bachelor of Arts in Economics/Politics, Profil Lehramt an Gymnasien (Wirtschaft/Politik Bachelor, 2-Fach, Profil Lehramt an Gymnasien)


This Bachelor program is aimed at students who, after completing the Master of Education, seek an occupation as a secondary school teacher (Gymnasium). The 2-Subject-Bachelor of Arts comprises two study courses of which each corresponds to a total of 70 credits (ECTS), a Bachelor's Thesis in one of the two subjects (10 ECTS) and the studies of the “Profil Lehramt an Gymnasien” (30 ECTS). Exploring the subjects of Political Science, Economics and the basics of Sociology, the program qualifies students to deal with political as well as economic questions at the national, European and international level. The „Profil Lehramt an Gymnasien“ serves as a basis for the teaching profession end provides for an introduction into the didactics of Economics and Politics.