Leitung und Organisation von Workshops und Konferenzpanels


  • 2002
    ISA Workshop & Sammelband "New Threats and New Actors in International Security", Portland, Oregon, 24. Februar 2002: Planung, Drittmittelanwerbung und Leitung; 12 internationale Teilnehmer; Herausgabe eines Sammelbandes bei Palgrave, New York



  • 2016
    ESRC Projektworkshop "Markets in the Making of Multilateral Military Interventions: International Organizations and Private Military and Security Companies", Frankfurt, 1. Juli: Planung, Finanzierung und Leitung
  • 2012
    ECPR Joint Sessions Workshop "Private Military and Security Companies: Transforming Security Governance?" Antwerpen, April: Planung und Leitung mit Prof. Anna Leander
  • 2008
    ESCR Projektworkshop "The Privatization of Security: Theory, Norms and Practice", HSFK, Frankfurt, 12. September: Planung, Finanzierung und Leitung
  • 2008
    ESCR Seminar Serie Workshop "National, Transnational und International Security", Universität Bristol, 8. Januar: Planung und Leitung
  • 2007
    ESRC Projektworkshop "Risk, Territoriality and Security", Universität Bristol, 18. Mai: Planung, Finanzierung und Leitung



  • 2016
    "Private Military and Security Companies in War and Peace", ISA Annual Convention, Atlanta, 16. bis 19. März
  • 2014
    "PMSCs in Military and Peace Building Operations: Changing the Practices of Intervention", ISA Annual Convention, Toronto, 26. bis 29. März
  • 2013
    "Consuming Security: Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) and their Clients", 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Warschau, 18. bis 21. September
  • 2012
    "Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs): The Impact on Civil-military Relations and Operations", International BISA-ISA Conference, Edinburgh, 20. bis 22. Juni
  • 2011
    "The Image(s) of Private Military and Security Contractors", ISA Annual Convention, Montreal, 16. bis 19. März
  • 2010
    "Private Security Companies and Pirates: Context and Implications for Martime Security", 7th SGIR Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Stockholm, 9. bis 11. September
  • 2009
    "IR Theory and the Privatization of Security", 5th ECPR General Conference, Potsdam, 10. bis 12. September
  • 2008
    "Risk and Security after 9/11", ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, 26. bis 29. März
  • 2007
    "Risk and Security", 6th SGIR Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Turin, 12. bis 15. September
  • 2006
    "The Sate, the Market and Soldiering: A Look Back and A Look Beyond", ISA Annual Convention, San Diego, 21. bis 25. März
  • 2005
    "Transforming the State Monopoly on Violence", ISA Annual Convention, Honolulu, 1. bis 5. März
  • 2002
    "Regulating Private Military Companies: Insights from Africa, America and Europe", ISA Annual Convention, Portland, Oregon, 25. Februar bis 1. März