Sciences Po, Rennes

Sciences Po Rennes.pngThe nature of the training offered in this network is unique in the French academic world. We are part of the system of specialized “grandes écoles”. In  this system, institutions focus on selecting students by entrance exams and interviews, with a special emphasis put on the practice of written and oral expression in small groups and the influence of the “real world of work” through the presence and participation of professionals from all sectors, who teach and advise students. 

The “Science-Po” education offers the best of all aspects of the university system: including training in a wide range of skills and disciplines at the highest level (including law, business, economics, business management, history and political science) and the presence of a cutting edge, Europeanrenowned research team labelled by the French CNRS.

Recherchieren Sie hier das internationale Studienangebot der Sciences Po. Rennes.