2-Subject-Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Politikwissenschaft Bachelor, 2-Fach, Profil Fachergänzung)


The 2-Subject-Bachelor of Arts comprises two study courses of which each corresponds to a total of 70 credits (ECTS), a Bachelor´s Thesis in one of the two subjects (10 ECTS) and the studies of amendatory subjects (Profil Fachergänzung) (30 ECTS).

The Bachelor program in Political Science provides students with a foundation in the main areas of Political Science, its problems, theoretical approaches and methods. Students will follow lectures and choose from a wide range of seminars focusing on specific issues beyond the scope of the lectures. As an added value to the academic program the “Profil Fachergänzung” offers students the opportunity to follow courses in other fields of study and to gain personal skills and professional orientation by completing an internship lasting at least 6 weeks.