Living in Kiel

Apart from its academic qualifications, Kiel is in many aspects an attractive location to study:

University on the Baltic |Sport| Central location | University Town | Family-friendly University

University on the Baltic. Kiel is all about being at the sea. It only takes twenty minutes from the lecture hall to one of the city's numerous beautiful beaches. In addition, the Baltic Sea offers many options for watersports. You can learn to sail, surf, row or dive. Kiel University even has its own sailing center.

Sport in general is a major topic in Kiel: rated as one of the best universities of its kind for sport in Germany, the University's sports center offers students six gyms and outdoor athletic fields, a swimming center, and an university-owned fitness center. All of which are available at subsidized costs to students.


Central Location. At Kiel Harbor, sea ferries invite you to travel to Scandinavia. Moreover, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are nearby. Other German cities can easily be reached by train: Hamburg (1 hour), Lübeck (2 hours) and Berlin (3 hours). The airports of Hamburg and Lübeck are located within a distance of less than one hour by car or bus.

University Town. Kiel is a young and vital city with every tenth resident being a student. Since Kiel University offers courses of study that cover a broad range of subjects, you will easily get in contact with students of all kinds of academic background. All teaching and research institutions, canteens, student housings, sports and leisure venues are located on one large campus brimming with life.

Family-friendly University.
Kiel University aims at reconciling family and student life and has been certified as a family-friendly University. A broad range of offers, such as childcare facilities, flexible curricula and examination schedules, provide special support to parents.