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  • Sven Altenburger, MA: "The legal duties of citizens"
    In the academic debate on citizenship, scholars predominantly focus on questions of membership, individual rights, participation, and identity. Contrary to that, in my PhD project, the virtually “lost” idea of legal citizen duties shall be historically reconstructed from US American and German political thought of the 20th and 21st centuries and analytically systematised. I focus on three key legal duties: (1) taxation, (2) military service, (3) education. In addition, (4) compulsory voting, which has often been a debated issue, shall be analysed. Source material consists of a) the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the United States and the German Constitutional Court and b) selected theoretical and political tracts on legal citizen duties. The overarching aim is to develop a historically based theory of legal citizen duties which has analytical and normative appeal for our present.

  • Tobias Adler-Bartels, MA:"Moderater und radikaler Konservatismus. Sprache und Ideologie des zeitgenössischen konservativen politischen Denkens in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"


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